• New Concept Themes

    This series includes fairy tale sticker book, science, society, and history books have been categorized according to age. Focus on the appropriate theme for each level.
  • Glbburi's best sellers!

    Mom's have picked Glbburi's best sellers for toddlers and infants. We provide literary works written by award-winning authors. The series provides a different theme throughout the month to match your child's curriculum.
  • Creative Arts · Reading
    Discussion Series

    This series provides 12 everyday themes and 5 concepts for creative arts to stimulate imagination and exploration for your child. The new theme book focuses on reading discussion and cultivates creative thinking and integrated thinking skills.
  • Character Building

    We created this series based on the Character Education Promotion Act. This series helps children read and understand their feelings and feelings of others and teaches them to ask questions they can relate to.
    Age 5 Consideration Cooperation Self-esteem Responsibility Self-control Self-reliance
    Age 6 Understanding Thanks Listen Friendship Challenge Personality
    Age 7 Conversation Modesty Regret Kindness Organization Effort
    Age 5 Good Habits Wisdom Time Management Sharing Autonomy Yield
    Age 6 Concentration Prudence Conscience Dreams Conservation Courage
    Age 7 Etiquette Perverseness Patience Honesty Sincerity Respect

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  • Downloadable Resources

    Enter our company's homepage to download educational plans for teachers, teacher's guides, and educational videos.
  • QR Services

    You can enjoy the E-book anytime and anywhere just by scanning the QR code on the cover of the music card and book. Use your smart phone device to scan the QR code. A cute robot will play songs and stories for you. Have fun using a Bluetooth speaker while you learn.
  • AI Audio Services

    GiGA Genie plays sound effects as you read along with the book. You can find this series on KT GiGA Genie, Naver Clova (U+ AI), Daum Kakao Mini (Coming soon), and other AI speakers.