• Homeschool
    Digital Learning Program

    What type of English does my child learn at school? Can my child pronounce the words correctly? Solve your worries with Kids Butter and its homeschool digital learning program. Your child will be able to learn what they were taught in school right in your own home as well as checking your child's progress.
  • Teacher's
    courseware program

    Your native English teacher can't come?
    Don't worry!
    Parents can expose the children to
    an English environment 24/7.
    With the teacher's courseware program,
    the child can enjoy English everyday.
  • Dancing and Reading
    Bluetooth Speaker

    You can hear the contents of the Kids Butter book by scanning the QR code on the cover. Your child will be able to hear English stories as long as you have this Bluetooth speaker. This makes learning interesting and comfortable for you and your child.
  • KT GiGA Genie, Naver Clova,
    LG U+ AI Speaker Service

    If you read Kids Butter (total: 40 books) the AI speaker GiGA will play sounds and effects that fit the story's context. Fun sound effects, a native English speaker, exciting musical songs, and stories learned in the classroom can be used for role-playing at home. You may also hear Kids Butter stories and musicals from KT GiGA Genie, Naver Clova, LG U+ AI, and other AI speakers.


  • American Language
    School Program

    Reading, Speaking, Writing,
    Phonics-Specialized textbook in each area!
    Learn to hear, speak, read, and write with the American Language Shool Program. Storybooks, Speaking Books, Writing Books, Phonics, and so much more are provided for a total learning experience.
  • Learning program for
    American culture and etiquette

    Understanding American culture and etiquette.
    Provides a cultural experience.
    Storybooks to teach children about American culture and fun experiences.
  • A program that
    focuses on speech

    Body Storytelling, Songs, Role-Play allows the children to explode with language. Body Storytelling allows children to easily comprehend the story and makes learning fun and memorable.
  • (前)EBS teachers
    Boyd and Belinda have joined
    Kids Butter Friends

    Belinda Webster
    • ㆍEBS Junior TOEIC
    • ㆍEBS Sunny Town ABC
    • ㆍEBS Coby Can
    • ㆍMusical ‘Teeth’
    Boyd Kell
    • ㆍEBS Monster House
    • ㆍEBS Sunny Town ABC
    • ㆍEBS English Cafe
    • ㆍEBS Junior TOEIC
    • ㆍEBS Go Go Giggles
    • ㆍCTV Cold Squad IV